Our mission does not end with sending the books to Djangoa. We also organize a volunteer teaching program.


Our first group of student volunteers spent the months of June-September 2018 in Djangoa, setting up the school library and reading books to the children in collaboration with our local librarian and the local teachers, supporting children to improve their French reading and writing skills, and running during the school summer holidays (August) a Summer Camp full of learning and creative activities.

In order to get ready for this, they benefited from a training by Ms. Felicia Sexsmith, our Educational Director. 


The volunteer teaching program will take place also in summer 2019. Four volunteers will focus on strengthening the children’s French skills, as well as teaching them Environmental Science and English. 

A big thank you to NEOS Airlines for donating us the tickets for our volunteers! 

training our student volunteers in zurich getting ready for djangoa!

 reading books in the boky mamiko library

 reading support afternoon classes in École mamiko

 explaining why some things float and other drown

air pressure science experiment with an upside down glass of water

video: singing with kindergarten kids

video: counting up to 10  with the 3rd-graders

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