help us with a donation

Donations can be done by bank transfer to:

Account name: Boky Mamiko, 8802 Kilchberg (ZH), Switzerland

Bank Name: PostFinance

IBAN: CH83 0900 0000 1502 6047 9


Account number: 15-26047-9


Boky Mamiko is recognized as a non profit organization by the Zurich cantonal tax office. In accordance with tax regulations, donations to Boky Mamiko above CHF 100.- (total annual donation amount) are thus tax-deductible in Switzerland. Upon request via email, Boky Mamiko will issue donations receipts for tax purposes.  


Boky Mamiko is run entirely by volunteers in Zurich, Switzerland, in direct collaboration with the school founder and the director of École Mamiko in Djangoa, Madagascar. This means that 100% of the money donated to Boky Mamiko goes directly to École Mamiko, and that it is spent on what the school management thinks it is most useful for the children and the local community.

It is always hard for donors to visualize how donated money will be spent on. If you wish to make a donation to the Boky Mamiko project, here are some examples of how your donation can be spent on:

  • ​​60 euros: monthly wage of a teacher and of our librarian.

  • 150 euros: purchase of 10 books for the Boky Mamiko library.

  • 360 euros: morning snack for three months for all the 150 kids of École Mamiko (including all the ingredients, the charcoal, and the salary for the persons needed for shopping and cooking). Morning snacks are especially needed during the rain season (January to March), as many children do not get enough food at home.

  • 720 euros: "adopt" a teacher at École Mamiko by paying the yearly salary of one teacher.

If you wish to support the long-term sustainability and development of Boky Mamiko, you can commit to a yearly contribution of 120 CHF or more, which would help us planning activities that require financial sustainability over time, like employing new teachers.