Nosy Be

Boky Mamiko is currently active in the district of Ambanja, in the Diana region in the North West of Madagascar.


Notwithstanding the proximity to the touristic island of Nosy Be, the district of Ambanja is among the most disadvantaged regions of Madagascar, due to the distance from the capital of Antananarivo, where most of the economic, educational, social and political activities are concentrated. The bad conditions of the national road system make the physical distance from the capital (about 900 km) even longer (about two-days travel). 

The district of Ambanja is constituted by a coastal region, characterised by mangrove forests, and an inland region, crossed by the Sambirano River, which runs from the foothills of the Tsaratanana Massif into the Ampasindava Bay. Due to the proximity of the Tsaratanana massif and wind directions, the Sambirano region has a particular micro-climateDuring the rainy season, the river floods and deposits extremely fertile alluvia along its river banks, providing ideal conditions for growing cacao. The Sambirano region in fact is known for the production of high-quality cacao. In the coastal region, the main economic activities are fishing (including crabs and shrimps) and agriculture (mainly rice, cacao and vanilla).