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gift programme

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Donate instead of giving a gift!

It is sometimes difficult to find the right gift for a friend or relative, especially when they already have enough of everything. Or are you going to have a round birthday and wish to make something more meaningful than getting more bottles of good wine and chocolates for your birthday?

As an alternative to giving or receiving a gift, you can consider making (or ask your friends to make) a donation in her (or your) name to help children in rural Madagascar getting a better quality education.

If you wish to make a donation as a gift, send us an email to

We will then send you a gift certificate, stating that you made a donation to Boky Mamiko on your friend's behalf, including the amount of the donation and what it will be spent on.

Gift certificates can be in English, Italian, German or French, and can be personalized for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, as you prefer.

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