our local librarian, reading a story in the boky mamiko library with the help of a child

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We strongly believe that our project can only be sustainable if it is radicated into the local community. This means our project should not only be welcomed by the local people, but it should eventually be run directly by them. Moreover, given that the lack of employment is a main issue in Madagascar (as in most developing countries), we put a high priority on the goal of creating local employment.

For these reasons, we trained a local woman to work as a librarian in the Boky Mamiko library throughout the school year. Now that our volunteers are back in Europe, she keeps the library open and reads stories to students every day.

In addition, during summer, when our student volunteers stay in Djangoa, a local woman is employed to look after the Boky Mamiko house, to run errands, and to cook delicious meals for our volunteers. The same woman is also employed to cook a nutritious daily snack for the children during the three “hard months” (January to March) of the rain season. 

As École Mamiko started a secondary school (grades 6 and 7) in November 2018, we also support the school by paying the salaries of the five secondary school teachers.


 our logistics employee, cooking fresh fish for the enlarged family

(including our volunteers)


preparing together a family dinner