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My name is MARIANA ESCOBAR and I recently left my home country, Colombia, to study Sociology at the University of Paris, Sorbonne.
I was born in a country with a vaste history of cultural fusions, and this made me passionate about the world's diversity. I believe the experience in Djangoa made my perspective of the world grow even larger. Sharing my culture with Djangoa's community and becoming part of it, was the greatest part of this project.

My name is MARINE HERMES and I study International Relations in the U.K.. I chose to participate in the Boky Mamiko project because I am passionate about providing quality education to all, and wanted to contribute to this amazing project with my language skills!

My name is ALESSANDRA RAMACCI and I have just finished my Bachelor degree in Political Science and Modern History at the University of Zurich. I am very passionate about this project as I have always loved books and I believe in giving children the chance to have free access to books will open up a whole new world to them and it will have a great impact on their future!

My name is DOMINIC RIETMANN and I am currently doing my Master's Degree in Human Geography at University of Zurich. I participate at the Boky Mamiko project because I really believe that improving access to education can help reducing poverty in rural Madagascar. By setting up a library and improving the infrastructure of Djangoa we hopefully can contribute to improving local people's livelihoods.

My name is NATALIE SCHWARZ and I study Political Science and Sociology at the University of Zurich. I consider better education as crucial to alleviate poverty, which I view as substantial to achieve the creation of economic and social opportunities for all members of a society. I think reading books is very important for the learning process of a language, but also to broaden one’s mind in general.

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My name is SARAH STEINEGGER and I study English and French Literature and Linguistics, as well as Human Geography at the University of Zurich. With this background I hope to positively contribute to the Boky Mamiko project, particularly to the selection of books. Staying in Djangoa allowed me to broaden my understanding of what it means to live in a rural area in Madagascar.

My name is NINA WATTER, I am 20 years old and currently I am studying Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Zurich. I chose to be part of the Boky Mamiko project as I love to learn from other cultures and get to see things from another perspective. It will be an opportunity to teach the kids, but most importantly to learn from them.

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