My name is MARIE ARNOLD and I study Political Science and Environmental Studies at the University of Zurich. I chose to join the Boky Mamiko volunteers as I consider education to be a pillar of our society. Participating in such a project is an exciting way to discover the world from another angle and to acquire knowledge about a new culture. Boky Mamiko gave me the opportunity to learn a lot from children by teaching French and Environmental Science to them during the ten weeks I stayed in Djangoa in summer 2019.


My name is MICHAEL MÜLLER and I am currently studying for a Master's degree in Geography at the University of Bern. At the same time I am attending a teachers training program at Bern University of Teacher Education. I am particularly interested in sustainable development and hope that I can help to ensure a sustainable positive impact of the Boky Mamiko project for the local community in all dimensions. During the six weeks I stayed in Djangoa in July and August 2019, I hope I gave some inputs about environmental education but also I learned a lot from the local community about their notion of sustainable development.


I am ONA PIERCE and I study Political Science at the University of Zurich. I am convinced that education belongs to the most important things to give people a voice and a chance to brighten their horizon and make a change. I love the idea of working with children, interacting with them and exchanging my knowledge and culture with theirs.
I taught English in Djangoa in July and August 2019.


I am SARAH STEINEGGER and I study the Specialized Master in "Geographies of Global Change: Resources, Markets and Development” (Human Geography) at the University of Zurich. Having been active as a volunteer in the establishment of the Boky Mamiko library and in French courses at the École Mamiko in 2018, I decided to go back to Djangoa in July and August 2019 to build on my experience and see how Boky Mamiko has contributed to education. During summer 2019 I taught French support classes for the students of école Mamiko, and conducted a field research for my Master Thesis on the interrelation between local people’s livelihoods and the use and perception of environmental resources.


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