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  • We recognize the interlinks between causes and effects of poverty and the need to have an holistic approach to the problem of poverty.

  • We also recognize the importance of listening to the local community’s opinion and priorities. All our actions are therefore agreed upon with the local communities and local school managers.


The lack of infrastructure in rural Madagascar is a root cause of low agriculture and fishing productivity, food insecurity, poor health, unmet family planning, limited education, lack of alternative livelihoods and employment opportunities, and environmental degradation. All these factors in turn reinforce each other, creating a vicious cycle which makes it difficult to escape poverty.

By acting at different levels, we hope to be able to break this vicious cycle and create routes for the children and adults of Djangoa to escape poverty.

The figure below represents Boky Mamiko's holistic approach. Blue indicates actions that are already going on, light green indicates envisaged areas of intervention.

library, learning material, teachers training, volunteer teaching, scholarships

Interlinks between causes and effects of

environmental education

sexual education and sustainable menstrual care

oral hygiene

sustainable intensive agriculture,

temporary fishery closures

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