UNDP data show that only 17% of primary school teachers in Madagascar are trained to teach (UNDP, 2015). This negatively affects the quality of primary education, and consequently reduces the chances of millions of Malagasy children of escaping poverty in the future. Increasing the number of trained primary school teachers is therefore of the utmost importance for the country. 

Since Teacher Education academic training programs are only offered in Antananarivo, the capital city, and have a duration of three years, most families in rural northern Madagascar cannot afford to pay for tuition fees and living expenses for such an extended period of time.

For these reasons, we search for sponsors offering scholarships to Malagasy students from rural northern Madagascar,  who have completed their high school diploma and wish to continue their studies and become trained teachers. ​Candidates for these scholarships are selected by our local representatives and would attend a three years Teacher Education academic training program at the Institut Supérieur Pédagogique d'Antananarivo (ISPA). 


By offering a scholarship to a Malagasy student, you would contribute not only to giving her/him a better job and a better future, but to giving better education and higher chances of escaping poverty to all the children she/he will teach in her/his future professional life.

For current openings click here.

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