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ROSSANA GALLI is co-founder and president of Boky Mamiko. Holder of a PhD in Economics from the University of London, she is a passionate university lecturer and a research collaborator of the United Nations International Labour Organization. Her research interests lie at the intersection of poverty, employment and


economic development, and related government policies.

She strongly believes that educated children are the foundation for a more equitable and peaceful world.

GENEVIÈVE SOARITONY is co-founder of Boky Mamiko. She holds a Master degree in International Cooperation, Human Rights and European Union Policies from the University Roma Tre, Rome, Italy. She was born and grew up in rural Madagascar, where the only book she could read as a child was her father's bible, which she learned by heart. In 2009, she founded the Mamiko school in her home village in Madagascar.


She believes that early-age quality education available to all is the key to development.


FELICIA SEXSMITH is the Educational Director of Boky Mamiko.  She holds a Masters in Educational Administration from the University of California, Los Angeles. For over 20 years she has been a teacher, principal, and university lecturer with a focus on assisting disadvantaged youth.  She began working in education when she realized the powerful, positive impact a great teacher can have on a child’s life.


BRUNA TRIMARCO is a volunteer fundraiser and a strategic advisor for Boky Mamiko. She has a Law degree from the University of Naples, and is graduating in Communication Science at the University of Bologna, Italy. She believes that children's education is the driver for the prosperity of their community.  

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