The school’s access to water is an urgent and essential need. In the village of Djangoa, as in most rural Madagascar, there is no public water supply network. Families (especially women) have to walk to fetch water and carry heavy buckets back home. Similarly, at école Mamiko the only water available for the over 200 students comes from just one bucket and a plastic cup. 

For this reason we are planning the construction of a water well for the school, endowed with a water pump, to finally provide the school with drinkable water. As you can imagine, running drinkable water would significantly impact both the children’s health as well as their ability to learn!

Since Djangoa lies on the ocean coast, water salinity is a significant constraint to the construction of a water well. For this reason, we commissioned Geoconsult, a Malagasy water engineering company, to conduct a preliminary hydro-geophysical study to assess the presence of freshwater in the surroundings of the school. 


You can download the results of the hydro-geophysical study here.

We are currently in the process to contact local constructors to get their offers for the construction of the water well in accordance with the technical indications provided by Geoconsult.

Picture Geoconsult 1.png
Picture Geoconsult 2.png

the team of geoconsult at work in djangoa, July 2019