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Summer camp at École Mamiko: week 5

Hello everyone!

Last week was full of new ideas and activities. Hope you have fun reading what we did!

On Monday, kids could show their dance skills in "Radio Djangoa", our live talent show! Each group invented a choreography within 20 minutes. The results of their creativity was stunning! Besides, we asked the kids to write a summary of the story we read with the secondary and 6th graders. In this matter, we could observe the different levels of the kids and see if they were able to understand the story. There were some really good summaries! With the others (5ème, 4ème, 3ème and 2ème) we did another exercise. They had to draw a scene of a story we have read and add one or two phrases. Some of them were able to construct a phrase, others just used a word they had learned from the vocabulary, which was also good;  even if they didn't understand the exercise, they tried to write something and didn't leave a blank paper.

In our art session, we continued with the bracelets because the kids love it so much and asked us to do it. In order to do some recycling activity, we collected all our paper rolls; each kid could paint a roll how they wanted to. At the end, we constructed a snake by putting them all together through a garn. They were even afraid of it!

On Wednesday, we filled the kids with adrenaline! We played an easy version of baseball and football called "Mattelauf" in Swiss German. Each team was screaming the name they had chosen (Team Serpent, Team Skorpion, etc) with excitement. At the end we played "catch" with all the kids together. Everyone was running and laughing around! It was a chaotic but very fun moment for everyone.

In science we introduced them to different experiments. For example, we showed them how the mix of the basic colors can turn into another one. We showed them how a glass of water can be turned upside down with a card on it and not spill! They called us magicians, until we explained them the real reason. Also, we filled a bucket full of water to see which objects drown and which float; we explained that the density of the object determines this, and not if it looks bigger or heavier.

Finally, on Friday we separated the kids according to their grades. Then we played football on the blackboards, which means that the kids were separated into two teams and had to answer different questions. It was great to see how they learned things in various subjects last week (geography, mathematics, French, etc). One correctly answered question, one score for the team!

Nevertheless, our biggest event of the week was that Storya read a book in front of the kids for the first time! She is beginning to prepare herself as our depart is getting closer. Not only did she read in French, but also in Malagasy. In that way, the kids can train both languages.

Now, there are only a couple of days left of our camp. We're going to make sure to make them special before we have to say goodbye to our Malagasy friends!

Greetings from Djangoa from

Alessandra, Mariana, Nathalie, Nina and Storya

Un gros serpent (a big snake)!

Fully booked library!

Storya reading a book in Malagasy and Chaira writing the vocabulary

"Radio Djangoa": Choreography with the maternelle!

"Radio Djangoa": Group Skorpions!

More of "Radio Djangoa"

Experiment of the glass of water that doesn't spill (the card holds the water because of air pressure)

Nati explaining why some things drown and other don't

Learning to mix colours

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