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Summer camp at École Mamiko: week 2

Hi everybody! This week was marked by the arrival of Mariana (from Paris) and Alessandra (from Zurich), together with their 40 kilos of books and school material. Mariana and Alessandra are going to spend the next month in Djangoa with us (Natalie and Nina). Our team is now complete!

Meanwhile, we continued with the summer camp activities at École Mamiko. On Monday, our music day, we managed to perform with the kids musical activities with rhythm games and canons (synchronized group singing); the kids also had to find instruments to compose a song with different rhythms. Each group could present their results at the end, and it was a lot of fun! Another creative activity that was very successful with the children was braiding bracelets with coloured strands and a plastic bottle (see picture below). Thank you, Natalie, for teaching us all how to do this!

We also decided to make a little painting experiment by creating our own watercolour paints with natural ingredients: the children mixed water and sand in a coconut and used as paint brushes sticks they found on the ground. It worked! We decided that our next art session will be an art atelier with natural watercolour paints made from other natural ingredients like flowers, fruits and leaves. Besides the creative activities of the summer camp, kids love to come to the morning library sessions with Storya, in spite of the school holidays. In fact, there is always a big group of children waiting for us to open a book and tell a story. Also, the open library on Fridays is always successful, so it is still on!

On the organizational side, we realised that we had to adjust the dynamics of our summer camp. As there is always a different group of children coming (and also from different ages), we have to accommodate the schedule in such way that it is accessible to everyone. But now that Mariana and Alessandra have arrived, our team is complete and there will be no problem to manage this! We are looking forward to our next week all together.

Thank you for reading us!

Greetings from Djangoa,

Alessandra, Mariana, Natalie and Nina

Music sessions at the summer camp

With the arrival of Alessandra and Mariana the Boky Mamiko team 2 is now complete!

Experimenting with natural watercolour paints

We can paint with sand and water in a coconut!

Braiding bracelets is fun for everyone!

The Boky Mamiko library sessions are always very popular!

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