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Summer camp at École Mamiko: week 1

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

Hi everyone! This week the summer camp at the École Mamiko began! Read about how it is going on!

The school year just finished and the summer holidays just began in Madagascar, but the Boky Mamiko team is not going on holiday! We planned to run a summer camp for the kids of Djangoa, with lots of creative and fun activities. After presenting our ideas and discussing with some teachers, we finally had our schedule done. In the mornings, we continue doing library sessions with the librarian Storya for the kids of the school. In addition, on Friday the library is open for all children of Djangoa and we also do individual reading support in order to enhance their skills. In effect, for a lot of kids reading (in French) and the understanding of what they read is still very difficult and needs to be trained and fostered. We also decided to do French classes every second morning. This week we focused on verbs with the 2-, 3- ,4- and 5ème. With the première we created a memory game, for which they had to draw some given words on little pieces of paper.

In the afternoon, our plan is to do several activities with the objective to connect education with fun. Thus, on Monday, we created musical instruments with cocos as well as with plastic bottles and seeds. The kids had the task to compose their own songs in groups. They were very enthusiastic and did very well! They really have rythme in their blood! In our art-session on Tuesday afternoon, we did bracelets and Storya taught the kids how to sew beautiful figures on a textil. The next day we did some sport activities. In fact, we made 5 "stations", each of them with a different game. The kids were playing in groups and received points for their performances. In the end, the group with the most points won. Storya asked the children if they had liked the afternoon activity and they replied with a very loud "YES!". Furthermore, in order to be able to do science activities on Thursdays, we decided to first get to know the kids' knowledge about geography. For example, we painted the world on the blackboard and asked the kids to name the continents and point at them on the map. We also split the kids into groups and asked them to write down or draw something related to a continent. In this way, we will be better able to plan our geography sessions as find strategies and games to use with the children.

We were really glad that Azaly helped us with the music and sport activities and also Angela's (the kindergarden teacher) support on the science-afternoon was great and important! As there usually are a lot of kids coming to the summer camp, the participation and collaboration of the teachers facilitates the realization of the camp a lot and enables us to come up with and implement further ideas.

We are looking forward to plan and do further music, art, sport and science activities in the following weeks and keep the children's smiles and motivation!

Greetings from Djangoa Nina and Nati!

The 1st graders drawing the memory cards

Library session with the 4ème

The kids composing their songs with the musical instruments

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