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Summer camp at École Mamiko: goodbye, Djangoa!

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Balatsara everyone! It was a week full of many emotions, definitely a mix of sadness and happiness. We started the week reading stories as usual, and Storya was the main reader of the stories! We were mostly into organising the library; we decorated it with drawings of the children’s hands made in our art session. We wanted to personalise the library and make it a comfortable place that really belongs to the children. The biggest news: we finally could use the beamer we bought for the school! With the help of Mario, a student of the secondary school, we connected the projector to a energy generator. As soon as we started the Tom & Jerry film, all the kids sat quietly with their mouths wide open. Even some parents showed up! Our last day was very special: Storya, Lisa, Anastasie, Ernestine and some girls cooked a goodbye lunch in the school for all the kids and us. We have never seen such a big amount of rice being cooked! At the same time, we danced with the kids their favorite Malagasy hits. We tried to learn some choreography, but we’re definitely never going to reach their level. We ate, we laughed, we danced, we cried. At the end of the day, as the sun was setting down, reality came nearer. The kids started to hug us with tears in their eyes, and we couldn’t help to hold our tears either. In the evening, we had a beautiful dinner with our second family. We had the opportunity to tell them how grateful we are for what they have done for us and how they welcomed us with open arms, making us part of their family. During these two months we became really close to the family and the kids. The next morning, after out breakfast, as we we were walking back to our rooms to prepare our bags, we saw that a group of kids was waiting for us. They even prepared goodbye letters for us! It was so heart warming to see that we are so special to them as they are to us. This was definitely not and end, but a beginning of this project. We can’t wait to come back!

Good bye, Djangoa!

Alessandra, Mariana, Natalie and Nina

Watching a video at school for the first time

The decorated library

Kids helping us to organise the library

Personalising the Boky Mamiko library

"J'aime lire, car lire c'est voyager" - Lisa

Goodbye lunch with kids

Storya and the girls cooking

Dancing session

Saying goodbye is the hardest part

Official goodbye picture!

The kids waiting in front of our rooms to say goodbye

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